23 Oct

Blog Tour: Brandon Mull’s WRATH OF THE DRAGON KING

Today is the release date for the much-anticipated Dragonwatch Book 2, WRATH OF THE DRAGON KING!  Author Brandon Mull has extended his popular Fablehaven series to give readers even more adventures with Seth and Kendra.  The Dragonwatch series focuses just on the dragon sanctuaries and their part in the world built up in the original series.  And in this second book of the five-book series, the dragons have declared war on their keepers.

Because we are huge fans of Fablehaven and everything else written by Brandon Mull, my 13-year-old son, J., was crazy excited when our advance copy of WRATH OF THE DRAGON KING arrived from Shadow Mountain Publishing.  He devoured it in a couple days, yelled at the book when he reached the cliffhanger at the end, and now has the agony of waiting for book three.  Since he loved it so much, I asked J. to share his thoughts for this review. The first question I had for him was “Do you absolutely have to read the Fablehaven books first?” His response: “Yes…well, I guess you don’t have to, but it will make more sense if you do.” After that definitive, helpful answer, we moved on to his synopsis of WRATH OF THE DRAGON KING.

This book continues the story of two siblings (Seth, age 11, and Kendra, age 13) who are the human caretakers of the Wyrmroost dragon sanctuary.  They have special powers: Seth is a shadow charmer, and Kendra is a fairy kind, and they think they are working with the dragon king, Celebrant the Just, to take care of the dragons.  What they don’t realize at first is that Celebrant is working against them and preparing to wage a war.  This story is about Seth and Kendra learning more about the dragons, trying to figure out who their allies are, and racing to foil all of Celebrant’s evil plans.

When I asked J. to sum up this book in a few words he told me WRATH OF THE DRAGON KING is “enthralling, suspenseful, and action-packed. It is also intense and leaves you hanging at the end.” J’s favorite character is Calvin, a tiny creature called a “nipsie” who is Seth’s friend, and I loved that J.’s reasons for liking Calvin so much are because Calvin is “brave, funny, and a loyal friend”, all great traits! Like many great fantasy novels for teens and tweens, the Fablehaven and Dragonwatch series give kids exciting examples to follow of heroism, wisdom, and resilience. They encourage our kids to fight against strong forces for those things that are right.  One of the best parts of my conversation with J. (besides watching him walk around, animatedly waving his arms while describing the book) came when we discussed what some of the overarching themes of the book could be.  My 8th grader decided that WRATH OF THE DRAGON KING teaches us to be wary of power, that too much power is a dangerous thing.

If you and/or your kids love fantasy this is a series you will thoroughly enjoy! It comes with a 5-star rating from my family, and I know that your family will get caught up in the adventure, as well. In fact, if you have read anything by Brandon Mull, I would love to hear your opinions so please feel free to share in the comments.

Happy reading!